Nathaly, pronounced like the American spelling of Natalie but spelled the German and French ways, means Christmas child, which is Nat's given birth name. She's a church girl with a heart of gold and a giver whose faith can’t be shaken. A foodie, homebody, and lover of nature. 

She's an actress, vocalist (singer/recording & voiceover artist) and filmmaker born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx, NY. Coming from a musical family and growing up singing in church, inspired Nat to become an artist. She desires to develop an artist platform that inspires youth in under-privileged and under-served communities. Her favorite genres of acting are drama, fantasy, sci-fi, faith-based, musical, thrillers, animation and war.  

A natural singer, Nat studied Theatre at The City College of New York and trained her voice with various coaches such as Liz Caplan. She went on to perform around the world, touring as a background and lead singer, as well as Off-Broadway, while continuing to study at different Acting studios. She will proudly earn her Acting MFA from the Yale School of Drama this May 2024. 

Career Highlights: 


Lopez has lovely solos with “Say a Little Prayer” and “Don’t Make Me Over” that distinguish her from her talented peers.  

Review of What's It All About...  
by Robert Kahn, Dec. 5th, 2013